MAG250: A Step to the Future with Beenius, a New Partner

Published on 28/11/2013

Infomir is glad to share great news with our partners, customers, and friends: the first Ukrainian IPTV set top box has successfully past certification tests of Beenius, a major middleware developer.

Now, Beenius’ customer have an opportunity to test and appreciate MAG250 set-top boxes at a very efficient price to quality ratio. And users of solutions by Infomir can switch to a popular and most advanced middleware for IPTV market.

Integration of Infomir’s MAG250 Micro IPTV set-top box well-known globally with BeeSmart middleware became the first cooperative project between the two companies. The MAG250 Micro set-top box was the first of Infomir’s products to receive certification from Beenius confirming its full compatibility with BeeSmart software.

BeeSmart Middleware is the most advanced and ultra-modern solution taking into account and conforming to all the current tendencies of the interactive services market. BeeSmart holds strong positions as the product of choice for service providers in Western Europe.


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