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Infomir Company

Infomir is a group of companies that specializes in the development, design, production and maintenance of equipment and client support for IPTV, OTT and VoD services.

Infomir’s key feature
is a full production cycle

  • Market Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Software Development
  • Production
  • Integration Assistance
  • After Sales Service and Support

Our strengths

  • Free Stalker Middleware for a quick project launch
  • Set-Top Boxes Branding according to individual projects needs
  • Qualified technical support and consulting services
  • Worldwide logistics network

The Company’s Corporate Structure

Infomir’s headquarter is in Odessa, Ukraine. We develop, design, sell and provide technical support for industrial and consumer electronics.

Enterprise includes:
  • two specialized design centers;
  • IPTV Research and Development department;
  • qualified technical and after-sale services;
  • Consulting Centre for implementation and delivery of VoD/IPTV multimedia services.

Our official representatives and logistics centers are located in Russia, Germany, Estonia, the United States and the UAE. Engineering and pilot production of all equipment takes place at our manufacturing facility - TeleTec industrial and consumer electronics plant. We also use as a subcontractor the world leading manufacturing services company, Jabil.

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Other projects

Apart from the products on the website, Infomir works on related projects at its own facilities.


Jooby LED lamps are an innovative lighting product. Their energy efficiency rate exceeds A++ class and provides up to 91% energy saving. Due to low ripple level (<5%) and high color rendering index (>80) their light is pleasant and safe for health. Jooby lamps are made of high-strength material and serve for over 60000 hours (27 years). Jooby Lamps are an optimal lighting solution both for house and office.

Matrix AMM

Matrix AMM is an up-to-date solution for smart energy consumption data capture. It includes multifunction MTX meters and software for metering data exchange. It helps energy supplier companies to collect and manage readings of a big number of domestic and industrial meters. MTX meters and MATRIX AMM are certified and delivered to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.


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