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Firmware update

Published on 04/10/2015

Please pay attention to a firmware update

New in release 0.2.18-r12-250

Fixed flickering of the video in pause state for multicast playback.
Fixed black screen while changing speed to normal on RTSP.
Fixed some speeds for Kasenna RTSP server.
Fixed non-ECM custom CAS start time.
Fixed some visual errors while playing and seeking VCAS-ed RTSP content.
Fixed redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.
Fixed some errors in SSL check.
Fixed memory leaks for HTTPS.
Added possibility to set Automatic tvsystem mode.
Fixed blinking of subtitles during text changing.
Fixed various video and sound artifacts while playing HLS.
Added HLS EVENT type support.
Fixed "position:" play parameter for HLS.
Fixed loosing HDMI events in some cases.
Fixed STB_SetSubtitleColor.
Fixed 3D Video OverUnder and SideBySide support.
Added teletext decoder.
Added support for IPTV EPG.
Added support for arabic and hebrew subtitle text reordering.
Fixed GetHLSInfo function.
Fixed infinite HTTP connect in some cases.

Embedded portal:
Fixed soundtracks name.
Fixed search bar hide bug.
Added new video extensions (tts, m4v)
Fixed breadcrumbs in file browser.
Fixed hdmi reaction time.
Enabled traceroute in all devices.
Allow exit from portal if dhcp url enabled as long as one external portal.
Fixed arabic keyboard.
Added teletext feature.
Reworked samba devices, nfs devices iteration, prevent error from unorder list.
Added subtitles settings.
Added access control.
Added УЗП in IPTV.
Fixed absence of external subtitles in subtitle submenu in some cases.

Fixed error when fw_setenv variable "portal_dhcp" overwrites every STB start if enabled on DHCP server.
Added support for new WiFi adapters.
Added support fot arabic and hebrew symbols in fonts.

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