Stalker Middleware v 4.9.29

Published on 20/11/2015

The list of updates of Stalker Middleware version 4.9.29

✔FIXED issue with SoapDemo.
✔Small fixes in Server broadcast in new admin interface.
✔FIXED wrong displaying of context menu in new admin interface.
✔FIXED access issue in admin interface if portal is installed not in stalker_portal.
✔FIXED load balancing on server broadcasting for API v2.
✔FIXED Update button appearing in Applications section in new admin interface.
✔FIXED channel reconnection by buttons Channel +/- while opening from launcher.
✔FIXED admin interface work for php 5.3.
✔Small fixes for new admin interface.
✔ADDED support by default for nginx secure link for VideoClub and Karaoke.
✔ADDED opportunity to change template in API v2.
✔ADDED update tables button in new admin interface.
✔Improved authorization for API v2.
✔ADDED games description in new launcher.
✔Sorting of internal applications.
✔Country flag added near IP address in new admin interface.
✔UPDATED Youtube application.

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