Stalker Middleware 5.0.1

Published on 23/06/2016

Infomir presents a new version of free operators’ software Stalker Middleware 5.0.1

What’s new?

New set of applications (BETA)

You can access a free 10+ apps package with new design, simplified navigation, increased loading speed and contemporary control approach.  We have conducted substantial analysis of user experience on thousands people. Based on it, we have chosen the key UI optimization criteria and intently brought them to live. Please notice that apps are in beta-version and can work unstable. Share your opinion about new apps design, write us:

New Video club module

Video club is more up-to-date, more logic, more flexible. And we achieved these improvements by making it correspond with OTT/Video on Demand services market.  Now TV series provision is simpler and more convenient!

Task manager

Stalker Middleware goes multitask. Now you can switch apps without losing content using just one RC button.

Commercial proposition

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