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License Keys for Ministra Player

By completing the purchase process, you agree to the TERMS OF PURCHASE . Use of Infomir software is subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY that must be accepted by any user before beginning to use the app.

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License Keys for Ministra Player

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License Keys for Ministra Player

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Ministra player does not contain, store, distribute or provide access to any audio or video content.
It plays only the content from your IPTV service provider in accordance with your subscription plan.

Before purchasing License Keys, please contact your IPTV service provider in order to:

1. Confirm compatibility of your IPTV service with Ministra Player.
2. Request username, password, portal URL and other instructions.


After completion of transaction, the License Key will be emailed to the address linked to your payment account and to the address entered into this form.

Please contact our support team. Send us the confirmation email containing the transaction ID you received after your purchase and we will restore your key.

If you purchase a License Key on our website, it will work only on 1 device and can’t be transfered to another one. For Ministra Player purchases in Google Play, Apple App Store and Roku Channel Store a key will be automatically assigned to your account. This means you can freely change devices as long as you are using the same in-store account.


Helpful information about Ministra Player and License Keys



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