Results ABTA 2015

Published on 07/08/2015

Infomir is bravely expanding into new markets and the one more direction is a LatAm market. First step to its coverage was ABTA2015 participation.

This event is extremely important for us as it gave a clearer view on the actual state of the market, its needs and wants, and which alterations are due to be made in our Set-Top Boxes and services to succeed here.

We have showcased our BASIC Set-Top Boxes, including MAG254, bestselling all around the world, new MAG257 with HEVC support, available in Q4 2015, likely to become the MAG flagship and MAG350, HEVC Set-Top Box of PREMIUM line on Broadcom chipset.

ABTA2015 is a solid ground for future development in this direction and we will be glad to receive any of your offers about embarking on this new, but very promising market together.

ABTA 2015ABTA 2015ABTA 2015

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