Q&A: Victor Artyushchenko about advantages and perspectives of IPTV/OTT business

Published on 10/12/2015

1.What has become an approach for MAG275 and MAG277 Hybrid Set-Top Boxes development and production?

Nowadays many countries choose digital broadcasting. In some countries it is free to air. It allows the providers to reduce the traffic and to provide basic package with high-quality channels to users. MAG275 and MAG277 Hybrid Set-Top Boxes were developed in order to provide access to digital channels. The first model has become the basis for our partners’ projects all over the world. And the new MAG277 model was presented this autumn on international exhibitions in London, Dubai and New York. You can already pre-order it. The mass production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016.

2. How did Infomir's development strategy change, taking into an account new viewing opportunities and special requirements for “smart” platforms maintenance?

Infomir's product strategy is based on latest market demands. One of such demands is high quality content. Analog broadcast capabilities can’t fully satisfy the demands of modern TV sets owners. That’s why IPTV, OTT and digital broadcasting, which are becoming more affordable due to media players usage, are brought to the fore.

3. IPTV and OTT open the wide opportunities for new market players as well as for foothold broadcasters. In your opinion what are the real benefits of IPTV/OTT business?

OTT will be developing rapidly. Even faster than IPTV. Because this platform is more universal. Using OTT services user can choose the content. IPTV limits his choice when the content is broadcasted by his Internet provider. Many new niche OTT services appear every day. They are targeted on a specific audience united by common interests: TV series, sports etc. Due to OTT the television becomes more personalized. A big amount of such services will lead to a high competition and, as a result, to price reduction and service quality improvement for end users.

4. How do you see the next innovation level for IPTV/OTT market?

Linear television is going to become irrelevant in the future. The viewers’ attention will be shifted towards personalized television, which allows a user to form his own program schedule based on personal interests and preferences. They will be able to watch what they want instead of what they are offered.

5. What is your vision of TV industry relating to technical support in 5-10 years?

In 10 years media players will become not only the devices for watching content but the core of smart home control. A lot of processes, such as lighting, air conditioning facilities, audio systems control, intercom unlocking, etc. will be implemented by a single device. So we won’t need a lot of control panels. It will be enough to install a special mobile app on a Smartphone and to synchronize it with home Wi-Fi network so it will become possible to control all the devices via one hub represented by media player.

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