Firmware update

Published on 19/01/2016

We bring to your attention a list of the most important features of ultimate version of MAG Set-Top Boxes firmware:

✔ 10 digits-only limit for AccessControl password was set
✔ HomeMedia NFS mounting was restored
✔ AuraHD3 SMB mounting was restored
✔ HDMI switch on/off and playback of certain streams was fixed
✔ Manual DNS of Wi-Fi setup functioning was restored
✔ Functioning of ‘Wi-Fi setup>manual network settings’ was restored
✔ Setup wizard functioning was fixed
✔ Weather and location change functioning was fixed
✔ HDMI-DVI switch was fixed
✔ Portal launch Google geodata request was deleted
✔ Portal interface was fixed
✔ RC functioning was improved, push processing time was cut down

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