Stalker Middleware 5.0.2 is already here!

Published on 15/07/2016

 Stalker Middleware 5.0.2
Number of Stalker Middleware constantly increases and this inspires us to move ahead. To create even more opportunities for development of your business, we have implemented new modular architecture.


Now Stalker Middleware is divided into dozens of elements, which can be installed, updated and customized independently. Owing to this global renovation everyone who uses Stalker Middleware gets the benefits:


Freedom in choosing apps


You are not obliged to use the default apps. You can find the analogues created by other developers or make it by yourself.



New audience for your content


Create and publish your applications and they will be available for all operators, using  Stalker Middleware.



Updating elements and not the entire system


Now every Stalker Middleware element has its own version and can be updated in several clicks.


Thus, new architecture makes Stalker Middleware maintenance simple and convenient. Every operator can provide an exclusive service perfectly matching its audience needs and desires.



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