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Infomir released a massive Middleware 5.1.0 update

Published on 05/12/2016

Today, Infomir introduced a massive Middleware (Ministra TV platform) update, an operators' software that provides IPTV and OTT services.

The most important feature is capability to display video ads to subscribers.

Through our partnership with Vertamedia we are glad to offer additional monetization source for operators who provide the services based on Stalker Middleware platform says Alexander Sazhienko, Infomir Product Manager. “Revenues from video ads placement will allow operators to decrease subscription costs or fully implement the Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) model."

Operator will be able to determine advertising audience by himself. Administrative portal reflects Real time updates about incoming payments for advertisement being watched.


Infomir released a massive Middleware 5.1.0 update


Digital TV service subscribers will duly appreciate the convenience of an updated keyboard. Now it has become a full-screen. Also, user can choose alphabetic, numeric, symbolic version of the keyboard, or use the pin-keyboard to enter the password.

The Stalker Middleware developers team kindly asks you to leave your feedback about experience of Stalker Middleware use by filling the form available on the administrative portal.

Answers will be used for further Stalker Middleware improvements.


Infomir released a massive Middleware 5.1.0 update


Other Stalker Middleware 5.1.0 updates:

  • all applications are brought to a common(single) output format and operating scenario;
  • user interface improvements;
  • stabilized and improved «Chocolate» theme for Smart Launcher;
  • users can set parental control for chosen applications;
  • you can set timing for the second request ofparental control password (from 15 minutes to 2hours);
  • Greek, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Flemish languages are added;
  • List» button is added, which opens the widget for listing channels, movies, etc.


Infomir released a massive Middleware 5.1.0 update


Since its first release in 2010, more than 1,000 operators in 121 countries of the world have appreciated the openness of the platform, regular renewability and good technical support. The key feature of the product is the ability to run a service based on IP networks with minimum initial investment and the shortest time possible to start the project.

The operator receives an extensive functionality, full control over the provided services, remote management and monitoring of connected devices, as well as logging of subscribers’ actions.

The availability of such popular features like Multilanguage, parental control, CAS and DRM system support, customization of the user interface, ensures that the product meets the latest requirements of the market. The Multiscreen capabilities of Stalker Middleware allow subscribers to provide services in accordance with market trends with the help of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

In the near future Infomir is planning to release applications for Samsung Smart TV - Samsung Tizen TV.


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