New and Advanced Digital STB MAG 250 is the Optimal Solution for any IPTV provision

Published on 23/12/2011

Infomir launches new Mag-250 Micro IPTV set-top box with advanced functionality. The main feature of the device - its flexibility, the set-top box will handle most OTT services.

All Infomir set-top boxes - from the simplest ones, are able to work with most OTT services which enables operators to provide complex of services such as: video on demand, TV, access to social networks, a variety of games and applications.

Mag-250 Micro set-top box uses the latest adaptive technology, which allows you to transfer content by selecting the optimal network speed to provide high-quality continuous transmission.

"Infomir" CEO Marakhovskii Alexander says:

"Our growth in the IPTV set-top box market in 2011 means that we are able to satisfy even the most demanding users. We plan to increase our market share further, launching new products and improving existing ones."

"Growth in demand for OTT services will increase our customer base and will give our customers the opportunity to increase their income," he adds.

The new and improved range of products is equipped with a special system that allows operators to minimize the cost of support.

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