New MAG series set-top boxes are available now for sale.

Published on 19/09/2014

The Infomir Company launched a serial production of IPTV/OTT set-top boxes including MAG260, MAG270 and MAG275. The premier batch of set-top boxes is already in the company's warehouse and logistics warehouses centers and they are ready for sale now. You can easily buy the MAG260, MAG270 and MAG275 set-top boxes by contacting our sales department.

MAG260 - set-top box is based on Android OS, the most up-to-date multimedia platform today. The new model focuses on progressive operators, who develop their own applications. The Android operating system creates unlimited possibilities for end users to install additional applications and allowing system upgrades. MAG260 is different from other set-top boxes of MAG series because it has a built-in storage for 4GB, WiFi adapter and a micro SD slot.

Hybrid set-top boxes MAG270 and MAG275 are a universal solution for the representatives of the telecommunications market. Cable operators can expand its subscribers’ database through interactive services based on IPTV and OTT. Internet service providers are given an opportunity to offer their customers digital television services that extremely popular today.

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