0.2.18-r7 – New software upgrade from Informir

Published on 03/10/2014

Infomir released a new software upgrade for its products – MAG Set-Top Boxes (MAG245/250, MAG254/255). The software upgrade 0.2.18-r7 is one of the most advanced upgrades of its kind made in a while.

The latest software upgrade ensures a smooth functioning of the device, better video streaming and application functioning (including from third-party developers). It also has higher and safer data transfer and storage capacity.

Furthermore, the above mentioned software upgrade includes the following updates and changes:


- correction to DVB subtitling


- remote dubbing configuration in Loader-е

Bug fix:

- update configuration can’t be displayed

- encrypted Windows-1251 (CP1251) playlist, Ukrainian symbols

- internal Portal Manager Downloader and Stalker

We highly recommend that you upgrade the software on your Devices with the latest 0.2.18-r7 version.


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