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Infomir's achievements: summing up 2020

Published on 30/12/2020

Infomir's achievements: summing up 2020


Despite all the difficulties 2020 brought, Infomir has managed to score some big wins. Specifically, we have developed new set-top boxes, launched a solution for remote collection of utility consumption data, and branched out into 3D printing. In the run-up to the New Year, we'd like to sum up the results and talk about the biggest achievements of our company. 


New set-top boxes and Brazil partnerships

Our MAG devices are European-made set-top boxes for modern operators. The MAG line includes both Android TV™ and Linux devices and has enabled over 4,500 IPTV/OTT projects in 151 countries since 2001. This year, we have rolled out new additions to the series, upgraded our set-top box testing methods, and gained some ground in the Brazilian market.


Key achievements:


New set-top boxes. Over the course of 2020, we have developed a line-up of devices built on the Amlogic chipset, an Android TV flagship set-top box, and a bunch of powerful Linux devices. The production is set to launch in early 2021.


Improved testing. We have increased the number of manual tests for MAG set-top box software by a third. Our AOSP, Linux, and Android TV are now running even more smoothly.


Expansion in Brazil. Infomir has manufactured 15,000 customized set-top boxes for its Brazilian partners, gaining even more ground in Latin America.


Solutions for remote data collection

Since 2011, Infomir has been making Jooby Avenue—energy-efficient smart LED luminaires that can work autonomously or as a part of a Jooby CMS remote control system.


In 2020, we rolled out Jooby RDC—a solution encompassing devices and software that enable smart functionality for regular water, gas, heat, and electricity meters. Utility consumption data is transferred over a LoRaWAN® network to the system, which compiles reports from it.


Key achievements:


Jooby RDC launch. We have launched a remote data collection solution for housing cooperatives, property management companies, ISPs, and developers.


Jooby Smart Lighting tech support. We have improved tech support on our smart street lighting project, speeding up troubleshooting.


New smart electricity meters. Infomir has launched new smart electricity meters. The one- and three-phase devices come equipped with PLC-G3 PLC OFDM interfaces and LoRa modules. The devices have passed Module B certification.


Interface converters. We have also developed interface converters to enable electricity consumption tracking in large facilities.


Our new project: Infomir 3D Printing

At the beginning of this year, we deployed an HP Jet Fusion 5210 3D printing line, the first one in Eastern Europe. Now Infomir 3D Printing helps producers, healthcare professionals, and startups.


With the Multi Jet Fusion technology, we can turn a 3D model into a finished product in mere days. Small companies can get from one to thousands of serial-quality printed items, and the major ones can save months worth of time on design checks and avoid problems related to injection molds.


During the pandemic, Infomir didn’t just stand on the sidelines and watch. The company printed and supplied expansion adapters and valves for ventilators, as well as protective half masks to Ukrainian hospitals. The expansion adapters allowed medics to connect four patients to one device instead of just a single patient.


But Infomir doesn't stop there. In 2021, we will continue helping our clients build successful IPTV/OTT businesses, set up remote data collection, and turn ideas into finished products.


*Android TV is a trademark of Google LLC.

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