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Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir

Published on 27/12/2019


Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


In 2019, Infomir achieved many victories. The company released not only a new set-top box but also a sound amplifier, a Bluetooth transmitter, new software and it strengthened its position in the global market. On New Year's Eve, we will count up the results and discuss the company’s biggest achievements. 


Infomir’s flagship product. Its first Android TVTM-device  

Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


Infomir released the MAG425A its first Android TV set-top box. The device plays 4K content, supports voice search, and has access to Google services and the Google Play app store. The set-top box has already conquered the European and U.S. markets and proved to be a sought-after Android TV device. 


Partnership with Google

Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


Infomir was put on the list of Google's global partners on the official Android TV website. At the end of 2018, MAG425A passed all Google tests, which guarantees its high performance and safety. Following that, the Infomir logo was placed alongside the largest operators and manufacturers of set-top boxes, smart TVs, projectors and soundbars. 


A New Ministra TV platform 5.6 

Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


Infomir updated the Ministra TV platform to version 5.6. The administrative panel received a more user-friendly interface, convenient reassignment of License Keys and the possibility of performing group operations with users. A content preview feature was added on the start screen of the Ministra TV platform’s Prime Launcher. In version 5.6.1. user device and reseller extended statistics were added.


Infomir expanded into the Latin American market 

Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


Infomir entered into a partnership with MultTV—a conglomerate of 13 pay-TV operators in Brazil. The company's specialists customized and branded the AndroidTM set-top box operating system according to customer requirements. MultTV's proprietary launcher and app store were integrated into the equipment, installation of apps from third-party sources has been blocked. Devices are reliably protected from hacking and binding to a third-party operator. The STBs for MultTV are produced at Infomir's factory in Manaus (Brazil). Due to local production, the customer receives the goods on preferential terms. 


The award for the best corporate digital magazine in the country 

 Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


BROADVISION magazine won the Grand Prix in the Best Corporate Media of Ukraine 2019 contest. The periodical has been published for IPTV/OTT operators, manufacturers, content providers and representatives of the media industry since 2017. During this time, the magazine has featured more than forty expert articles, interviews, analytical reviews, and success stories.


Jooby Smart City achievements

Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


This year, Jooby Smart City has carried out several successful projects. In Geneva (Switzerland) lighting for one of the most important arteries of the city—Rue Voltaire—has been installed. The multi-lane carriageway, bicycle lanes and pavements have been illuminated by a system of intelligent hanging lamps. The new lighting is 78% more efficient than the previous one. A similar lighting system was ordered by the Central GOK (a mining and processing plant in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine). The company's lighting costs have decreased by 65%. Jooby Smart City specialists have launched a new product line: colorful spotlights, radar motion sensors (built-in and remote), and a control device for Nema lighting systems.


The official Whooshi market launch 

Advancements and achievements: 2019 results from Infomir


Infomir launched retail sales of the Whooshi portable sound amplifier. The device uses Bluetooth 5.0 to turn any headphones wireless. In the app for iOS and Android users can create their personal audio profiles and customize the sound to suit their hearing. In November 2018, the product campaign on Kickstarter raised $30,000 — three times the goal. Investors have already received their devices.

The Infomir team are determined to keep moving forward. The Group is setting the most ambitious goals for 2020!


 *Google, Android, Android TV and Chromecast built-in are trademarks of Google LLC.

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