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"Infomir" - a leading company in the Ukrainian telecommunications market

Published on 25/10/2012

At the largest expo in Ukraine, in telecommunications and broadcast - “EEBC 2012", held in Kyiv on October 17-19, the company “Infomir” won two awards, confirming its leading position of manufactured products in the domestic market and the company's reputation as the first and only one Ukrainian developer of telecommunications and television equipment.


That was first time participation of "Infomir" in the biggest Ukrainian industrial event, but positive reviews of end users and many customers from around the world, have created an “nimbus of intrigue” and well - lively interest in our products before the show, it was clearly evident by the numbers of admitted engineers, developers of related equipment and technical managers of television channels and services.


A very special and important step in the development of the company has been the recognition of our achievements by independent industry experts. In the award «Media & Sat Leaders 2012", established by the leading Ukrainian magazine «Mediasat», the company "Infomir" was noted as the first and only one domestic producer of IPTV-top boxes. And the competition EEBC / ExpoTel 2012 HIGHLIGHTS, traditionally held by the magazine "Telemir" , the complete solution for service IPTV, OTT and VoD, our IPTV-STB MAG250 Micro & Middleware Stalker, also won the "Best domestic development, presented at the exhibition EEBC 2012 and expoTEL 2012. "



As for the EEBC expo, the company presented flagships of IPTV-broadcast and interactive television: IPTV-STB MAG-250 Micro and network media player AuraHD for customers market, and the latest new development of the company - the first tablet AuraHD Mobility series.


MAG-250 Micro is the most famous product of the telecommunications market and for today, has gained fame as optimal, stable solutions in the segments of set-top box for broadcast on IP-based networks and services, IPTV, VoD and OTT. STB MAG-250 Micro is a versatile solution that allows service providers to expand their business with the launch of today’s current services of "personalized" TV. Depending on the specialization of the company, the technical possibilities or sources / suppliers of video content through IPTV-STB, company can offer to the customers services, such as interactive digital TV, video on demand (VoD), and access to the services offered by the paid and free internet resources. At the stand you could see the IPTV-STB running Middleware Stalker - free middleware by own development, which allows for running interactive TV services as quickly as possible and to maintain their quality provision.



A universal network media player AuraHD – is designed directly for the viewer, it’s the most friendly user device, developed by "Infomir" , based on the successful prototype - STB MAG-250 Micro. The media player has complete package, including all the cables, and full documentation for self-connection and configure the device. AuraHD is used for services IPTV, OTT, VoD and other interactive television services, but also, as a universal digital player that plays media files in any format, including HD.


AuraHD media player allows you to view streaming video from the Internet, use the services of interactive digital television (IPTV), play movies, music, view photos from the Internet as well as from external media (USB flash drive, external hard drive) and from the local network (UPnP , Samba). Also, through the player submenu, viewers gets access to paid and free services offered by OTT providers (online movie theaters, video on demand (VoD), channel packages, karaoke), integrated Internet resources of different interests (photo / video hosting, social networking, news, email, online tickets), games, etc. As a bonus, Ukrainian users have free access to a number of television channels and radio stations broadcasting on the Internet.



On the EEBC expo, the stand of “Infomir" was equipped with three plasma TVs, connected to AuraHD media players, and on screens were continuous demonstration of integrated into device menu the most popular Ukrainian online cinema:, and Based on public interest, this area of interactive digital TV is in steady demand among our audience, and emerging online services, as well as traditional broadcasting channels tend to merge into that very quickly. As a result of expo, We could say that the possibility of the AuraHD media player will expanded soon, due to the addition of new online services, channels and similar packages.



And finally, the new main device - AuraHD Mobility from "Infomir." This tablet is staying ahead of competitors by the contents created for this type of gadgets. Among other things, the Internet video services were integrated into menu. AuraHD Mobility positioned as an alternative device in the line, which is additional mobile platform for usage of services provided through the AuraHD media player or offered directly by the content providers to their customers.


The tablet equipped with an Boxchip A10 Cortex A8, 1.2 GHz, has 1 GB of RAM and a screen resolution of 1024 * 600. The device runs on Android 4.03 OS, so all interactive TV services will be available, has a slot for SD-cards that can be used as an additional source and drive to save the content as well as HDMI-interface for high quality signal connection to the TV screen.


In addition to normal and regular usage, AuraHD Mobility can also be successfully introduced as an accessory for special projects, such as in hotels for interactive communication between staff, online orders and reservations; and with the same purposes in hotels, hospitals and in HoReCa.



The "Infomir" team's success at the expo, commented by President of Company, Alexander Marakhovsky: "Those awards and prizes are a reliable and credible indicator of our real achievements in the Ukraine telecommunications technologies, so we are delighted that they are in the list of" favorite "companies mentioned by the founders of the exhibition. Being a manufacturer of modern high-tech equipment in our country is not too simple, but when such respected experts "shake our hand," recognize our contribution to the industry and encourage, then our leadership in this segment is growing, and the usual optimism grows in self-confidence. We are grateful to the founders of the EEBC for giving a chance to express and declare ourselves in a line of honored and famous TV channels, content providers and manufacturers, and we hope that through organized competitions of the overall quality of the Television in Ukraine will grow quickly every year. "

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