Commercial proposition


1. You purchase a License Key for activation (the «License Key») for one of the Applications (Stalker Player and Ministra Player for platforms: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG WebOS). The purchase of the License Key is subject to these Terms of Purchase, which create a legal agreement (the «Agreement») between you, the purchaser of the License Key, and Progressive Technology — F.Z.E, a United Arab Emirates company (the «Company»). Please read them carefully before acceptance in order to continue the purchase.

2. The License Key will allow you to use the Applications within their functionality as designed by the Applications developers. You may use the Applications for personal, non-commercial purposes.

3. Use of the Applications is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use that must be accepted by any user of the Applications before this user starts to use these Applications. The Terms and Conditions of Use are an integral part of these Terms of Purchase and are available at

4. By accepting these Terms of Purchase, you represent that you are (i) 18 years old (or such other age at which majority is reached in your country) and (ii) legally capable of entering into this Agreement.

5. The payment for the License Key will be processed by a third-party payment platform. You understand and agree that your bank account details or other payment information you give to this third-party payment platform may be stored, processed and transmitted with a view to exercising the payment transaction for the purchase of the License Key.

6. You will receive the License Key at the email address indicated by you within 2 business days from the day when the Company receives the payment for the License Key.

7. You may withdraw from this Agreement and get a refund for the License Key within 14 days from the date of making the payment. However, you understand and agree that by entering the License Key that you will receive at your email address into any of the Applications, the Agreement will be deemed fully performed by the Company, and you will lose the right of withdrawal.

8. The License Key may be used solely for activation of the original and official Applications.

9. The License Key may be used solely with the Stalker Middleware version 5.2 or Ministra 5.3 and the newer versions.

10. Use of the Applications requires equipment with the following characteristics:

Stalker Player/Ministra Player for Roku — Firmware Version 7.6.0 build 4120-29 or newer, video formats: mov, mp4.

Stalker Player/Ministra Player for Tizen — Firmware Version Tizen 2.3 or newer.

Stalker Player/Ministra Player for Smart TV — Smart TV 2013 — 2014.

Stalker Player/Ministra Player for LG WebOS — Smart TV webOS platform 1.0.0 or newer.

11. Use of the Applications requires Internet access that may be subject to the fees as determined by your Internet Service Provider.

12. The License Key is intended for a one-time use. After an Application is activated with a License Key on a device, this License Key will no longer be available for activation of any other Application on any other device.

13. All right, title and interest in the intellectual property and proprietary rights in and to the Applications are owned exclusively by the Company and/or its affiliates, including all right, title and interest in any and all copyrights, patent rights, trade secrets, trademarks, service marks, trade names and any applications or registrations related thereto, and any other statutory or common law intellectual property rights related to the Applications. The sale of activation License Key does not constitute a sale of the Applications, or any portions or copies thereof.

14. In no event will the Company or its affiliates be liable for any content transmitted via the Applications. The Company does not distribute any content and is not responsible for the quality of content-provision services. Please take into account that the content received may be subject to copyright or related rights protection, and distribution of such content may be exercised solely upon the authorisation of a rights holder.

15. In the event that you breach the scope of permitted use of the Applications set forth in clause 2 or breach the conditions of the License Key purchase and set forth in clauses 4, 8 and 12, the Company will have the right to deactivate the License Key purchased by you and terminate any future use of the Applications with these License Key without the obligation to pay any damages or any other compensation.

16. The Company reserves the right to develop, modify, use, and distribute the Applications at its own discretion.

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Commercial proposition

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