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Infomir introduced Stalker Middleware 5.1.1 update

Published on 17/02/2017

Today Infomir company introduced a new version of Stalker Middleware 5.1.1 — the software for providing IPTV and OTT services.


The key changes have affected Stalker Smart Launcher.


Browser for viewing web pages has been added.


Infomir introduced Stalker Middleware 5.1.1 update


«Your account» tab has been added. The user can view information about tariff plan, device, and technical support.


Infomir introduced Stalker Middleware 5.1.1 update

Update of Weather application interface.

Infomir introduced Stalker Middleware 5.1.1 update

PVR and Timeshift statuses are available when watching TV in full-screen mode.Infomir introduced Stalker Middleware 5.1.1 update

Other updates for Stalker Middleware 5.1.1:


— The ability to view images has been added to the Explorer.


The opportunity to work in full-screen mode, slide shows, the change of the photo location, the call of the second player to view pictures is now available


— Work with PiP has been improved


— Keyboard functionality has been improved


— Visual improvements have been introduced


— Visualization functionality of viewed and partially viewed content has been added. The users will intuitively understand what they have already watched and where they have paused their favourite TV series


— VK Video application has been improved


— Expanded settings of displaying advertisements to subscribers


Important: The recommended version of NPM is 2.15.11 or lower.

If the version of NPM is 2.15.11 or lower — the applications order in the menu will match the order in the meta package. Otherwise, the applications order will be listed alphabetically in the menu.


Version 5.1.1 comes out without API v2 support. It is not recommended to install version 5.1.1 for operators, who have developed and use the application through this API. In the near future, we will announce the release date of API v3, which will significantly exceed API v2 in flexibility and capabilities.


Also, the development team has launched their own resource:

Publications will be useful to anyone who wants to know all the ins and outs of working with the Stalker Middleware platform, as well as to keep abreast with the latest telecommunication market news and to get inspiration for new achievements.


The ability to leave comments on articles has been added to the product documentation. This will help to reply promptly to customers’ questions, which may arise during the platform setup and operation.


Let us recall that multiscreen capabilities of Stalker Middleware allow subscribers to provide services using mobile applications for iOS and Android. Take a look at the latest version of StalkerTV application on Google Play and App Store. The service of branding mobile apps is available to operators. For more information, please send a request to


The product development plan for coming months includes the release of official apps for Samsung Tizen TV, LG WebOS, AppleTV, Roku.

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