Beenius and Infomir collaboration: solution for Android STB

Published on 10/05/2017


Team work of Beenius, a provider of highly advanced Interactive TV platform and Infomir, a manufacturer of TV STB, was marked by a new experience of working with a set of set-top boxes which were specially created to satisfy a demand of cable providers and telco operators for Android technology.


Both companies maintain partnership that started a couple of years ago for the aim of covering the demands and requirements of cable and telco operators for OTT, IPTV and DVB-x Hybrid solutions. Company representatives will also meet each other on this year’s exhibition ANGACOM 2017.


Beenius mostly pay attention to Android TV and Android STB Applications which enables a service provider to offer satisfying TV with the unified look and using future proof technology. For those cable operators who are looking for a perfect solution between price, efficiency and provision of service, Beenius introduces Android solution together with Infomir STBs MAG series.


For Infomir this year is marked by a new MAG 410 set-top box. This new member of MAG family unites Android OS with 4K video technology. It is the most efficient set-top box of MAG series with quad-core processor Cortex-A53. MAG410 can also boast with 8 GB flash and 2 GB of operative memory, 3 USB inputs and inbuilt Wi-Fi adapter. MAG410 is Android 6.x OS powered device that provides outstanding performance, video, and audio quality as well as easy integration with Beenius Interactive TV Platform.


Both companies try to fulfill all consumers’ needs. While Beenius mostly targets viewers and operators with offering the best TV experience and supports service providers with Android STB Applications, Infomir focuses on MAG set-top boxes, which have already become its brand identity.


Don’t miss a chance to visit Beenius at booth P82 in Hall 8 and Infomir at booth A63 in Hall 7 at ANGACOM 2017. It will be a great chance to be aware of demo presentation of both companies’ products.


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